How does a Conversion Audit maximize your site’s ROI?

A Kirin3 Conversion Audit turns your data into meaningful insights and a 10 point action plan. If you’re like most modern business owners, you know how important data is. And you’ve got tons of it. Data on customers, data on engagement, data on profits.

But what is this data telling you about how to grow your business?

CRO Audit
This exact breakdown between data and actionable insights is what inspired me to create my Conversion Audit system.

Reviews & Case Studies

Explore what some of my clients have been able to achieve with my Conversion Audits and my CRO expertise.

“A great ROI”

Gambino's Bakery
My Conversion Audit service helped Gambino’s Bakery, a historic Louisiana brick and mortar bakery chain, continue to grow their burgeoning eCommerce business. Here’s what they had to say:

“Very professional work with highly valued business intelligence which should result in a great ROI for us.”
– Vincent S.
Gambino’s Bakery

Case Study: Opt-in Rates

Case study on optin rates
I worked with monetized content sports blog Golf State of Mind to increase opt-in rate. I tested and implemented new lead magnets, a welcome gate, exit intent offerings, topic specific popups, and Google AMP for blog pages. Over the course of 20 weeks, opt-in conversion rate tripled (307%) from 1.42% to 5.78%.

Case Study: Conversion Rates

consultation conversion rates
I worked with Canada Immigration Partners, an immigration firm selling paid consultations, to improve conversion rates. I implemented improved lead capture (via Drip), sitewide user experience, and copywriting. Over the course of 6 months, paid consultation conversion rate more than doubled (130.61%) from 0.63% to 1.45%.

My process is composed of 4 key steps:

I get to know you, your business, and your goals
I take a deep dive into your data and explore your site’s user experience
I condense my discoveries into an easy to read executive summary
I turn my analysis into a 10 point conversion rate optimization action plan with implementation advice and wireframes
Explore a completed audit with me below, or click here to checkout out even more examples

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There’s no upward limit to the amount of money a conversion rate optimization agency can charge you for an ongoing engagement. At only $499, my all inclusive Conversion Audit package fits into any business budget.

The versality of the 10 point action plan means it can be used effectively by any business in any industry at any level of growth to achieve quality results.

Let’s make your data work as hard for you as you do at growing your business.

Kelly M. Christensen
Founder of Kirin3


Conversion Audit

All inclusive:
User experience audit and data insights executive summary
10 point optimization action plan with wireframes
One-on-one review call

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BONUS #2: Access to value pricing on any future A/B testing

90 Day Guaranteed ROI
What’s a great service without a guarantee? If you haven’t recouped the cost of my conversion audit in 90 days of implementing recommended changes, reach out for a full refund.
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