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SamCart and Google Analytics: Three options for better data

This article was originally published in May of 2017–as of October 2018, Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking is now natively supported by SamCart. I highly recommend checking that out rather than attempting to implement one of the solutions I’ve documented below. You may still find the information on tracking lifetime value in your CRM via […]

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How I increased my freelance income by 54% in 2 months with IFTTT

I recognize this reads like a clickbait title, but what I’d really like to share with you is how I used If This Then That (IFTTT) to automate a lot of the processes involved in finding new clients for my business. I’m not guaranteeing any crazy results, other than saving you some time and making […]

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Make these 7 web apps the cornerstone of your freelance workflow

Working for yourself is great! Unless the management is terrible… Stay on task with these 7 freelance tools.